Getting Started

It Is Easy To Get Started

No matter what kind of project you are planning – the task can be daunting. Whether you are remodeling your kitchen, bath, or other room throughout your home, or building a new home, a Statewide Cabinet design specialist will help you through the process.

Here are some things you can do to ensure that, with the help of our designer, you get exactly what you’re looking for:

  • Gather information – pictures, drawings, or sketches that highlight what styles appeal to you.
  • Check out the latest design and remodeling magazines for.
  • Get design ideas and input from your family and friends and enlist their help for establishing a wish list.
  • Create a budget that you are comfortable with.
  • Establish a basic layout of your project. Our design specialists are available to help you create a layout that will not only be eye-catching, but functional as well.

Getting started has never been easier! Download and fill out our Cabinet Planning Guide and then contact us!

I have made my choices, what’s next?

Now all you need to do is get ready for the installation. Depending on the discussion you have had with our designs specialists, there may be items that you will need to do during the week before our team arrives.

If you have made the decision to remove your cabinets yourself, make sure you turn off your water supply. This will allow for all pipes to be removed and capped, under your sink, including the P trap and the water supply lines. ‘Capping’ the lines will allow for small cuts into your sink cabinet. If it is not possible to turn the water off, you can shut it off at the supply lines which are found in the current sink cabinet. Our team will need to cut larger holes in the new sink cabinet for the existing plumbing.

Your old cabinets will leave an area that we call a “footprint” that will create an open area from lines created by the paint, wallpaper, and your tile. Since your new cabinetry may be of a different design, it is sometimes difficult to line-up the new cabinetry perfectly where the old cabinets were placed. There might also be differences in the “footprint” because your new project design may include adding more cabinets or removing some. Repainting or adjusting your tile work may be needed. Our design specialists will help you through this process so you will know exactly where touch-ups may be needed.

When cabinet products are part of your project, Statewide Cabinets will typically deliver the cabinets a day before your installation. This will allow for our team to get started on your project first thing the next morning. Since our installation team may need an area to set up their tools and perform some of the precision cutting, they may require some additional work space. An open garage is ideal, but if one is not available, a driveway is fine.

During the installation process, dust will probably be created from the work being performed, however we will clean up any mess that we make, including any protective boxes the cabinetry is delivered in. Our team will make sure to neatly break down all of the boxes so you will be able to dispose of them with your usual waste disposal.

Once the work is done, it will be time for you to enjoy the completed project.